OGSB is the first company in Russia that has been qualified for pipe prover calibration with NMI VSL logo


       National Metrology Institute (NMI) VSL (the Netherlands) has issued a 

       certificate confirming the calibration and measurement capabilities of 

       OGSB Metrology Laboratory. The company is certified for the right

       to carry out pipe prover calibration and design protocols with NMI VSL logo.

On the 23rd of April 2015 the representatives of the National Metrology Institute VSL (the Netherlands) visited 
OGSB factory in order to officially present VSL Certificate. The Certificate “CMC Certificate number 39332546” 
gives international recognition of OGSB calibration procedure carried out at the factory and confirms the accuracy 
of measurements results performed in OGSB Metrology Laboratory. From now on the personnel of our company
 have gained the right to calibrate pipe prover with registration of measurement results to determine the capacity
 of the calibrated sections on NMI VSL forms recognized in the countries of the European Union, the Middle 
East, Southeast Asia and the USA.



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