OGSB became the first resident of the SEZ in 2018


The first recipient of the status of resident in early 2018 was the company  "Oil and Gas Systems Baltia",LTD. 

The investment declaration was issued to it on January 1 of the current year.The announced volume of investments is 156 million roubles. 

The purpose of the investment project is to organize the production of general industrial and power engineering, complete systems and equipment for the oil refining, gas and petrochemical industries based on the property complex, taking into account its comprehensive modernization and acquisition of high-tech equipment.

The enterprise was already listed in the list of residents and received benefits since 2006. The initial investment project of the company included the construction of a plant for the production of devices and systems for the oil and gas industry. According to the register, the investment obligations of the "Oil and Gas Systems Baltia",LTD were fulfilled in 2010.