Site territory occupies an area of 2,5 hectares in the industrial district of the central part of Kaliningrad at the following address: 41, Portovaya street.

Manufacture is divided into separate areas what allows to produce the products in stages, rhythmically and with the observance of the requirements of the current legislation on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.


Main manufacturing areas:

Pre-built area

The area is designed for assembling and welding of the main elements of the manufactured products and is equipped with all the necessary facilities:

  • 2 overhead cranes 10 t and 3,2 t;
  • Welding facilities Lincoln Electric (equipment for manual, semi-automatic welding and equipment for auto-welding of line and circular welds (max. dia 3m);
  • Equipment for heat treatment – 12-channel oven of Weldoterm production.
участок подготовки производства.JPG

Machining area

The area is designed for performance of required procedures (milling, turning, drilling etc.). The area is equipped with the relevant lifting devices and metal-processing machine tools KNUTH as well as with equipment for preparation works (hydraulic guillotine plate shears, bandsaw machines).

участок механической обработки.jpg

Stainless steel welding area

The area is designed for performance of assembling and welding works with stainless steel and special materials. The area is equipped with welding equipment and specific technological facilities.

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Control boxes assembly area

The area is designed for performance of electrical installation works. The main direction of activity is control and power boxes assembly and also for performance of electrical installation works on the produced equipment.

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Main shop

The area is designed for final assembly of manufactured production, has dimensions 35*150*15(h), with the net width of erection span 25m and erection square 5400 m2. The shop comprises area of metal shot-blasting with dimensions 6*15*6(h), painting area with dimensions 6*15*6(h), final built area, area of NDT performance, stand of plant acceptance tests, 7 overhead cranes: 1 of 25t, 5 of 5t, located on the different levels.


Storage terminal

There is an operating 380m-long rail way on the territory of the plant and an overhead gantry crane which assists in organization of duly cargo unloading and shipping of manufactured production. Storage terminal comprises warm storage warehouse for equipment and component parts, outside metal storage area, office and utility rooms, metal preparation and cutting area, finished products storage area.

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