Oil Quality Measuring Unit


3D model of Oil Quality Measuring Unit with the main elements description



Oil Quality Measuring Unit is designed to carry out automatic measuring of physical and chemical properties of the oil quality comprising the metering operations and automatic logging with specified accuracy. Oil Quality Measuring Unit equipment is installed in the heated block modular building with automatic temperature control within specified range, ventilation, lighting, gas, fire and unauthorized entry alarms.

Oil Quality Measuring Unit Accessories:

  • Density meters (operating and backup one), absolute accuracy: ± 0.36kg/m3;
  • Water-cut meters (operating and backup one), absolute accuracy: ± 0.1% (for water presence control);
  • Temperature Transmitter, absolute accuracy: ± 0.2oC and thermowell for glass thermometer;
  • Pressure gage and pressure transmitter, absolute accuracy: ± 0.6%;
  • Automatic samplers according to GOST 2517, providing sampling following the specified program, completed with airtight containers with the capacity of not less than 3 liters (operating and back up one).
  • On request - Viscometers(operating and backup one), absolute accuracy: ± 1.0;
  • Manual sampling device for point sampling according to GOST 2517;
  • Circulation pumps (operating and backup one), providing the required oil flow through Oil Quality Measuring Unit (if pump type is used);
  • Flow meter;
  • Flow regulator, for flow control operations in Oil Quality Measuring Unit;
  • Meters flushing system;
  • Filters.

Oil Quality Measuring Unit can be completed with additional oil quality meters (salt and sulfur analyzers). OGSB can manufacture a joint Meter Run and Oil Quality Measuring Unit mounted on a single skid base in one block modular building with utilities. Oil Quality Measuring Unit can be manufactured in a single-line and double-line implementation according to Technical Specifications 4318-001-95715144-2009. Permit of the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision № PPC-00-38861.