Gas Cabinets


3D Model of Gas Control Unit with the main equipment description


Cabinet-type gas control units based on pressure regulators are designed for: reduction of inlet pressure of natural gas to a given level and its automatic maintenance in the set limits regardless of change of inlet pressure, gas filtration, short-term relief of excess gas pressure and also for automatic gas supply shutdown in case of emergency increase or decrease of output pressure above the allowed given values.

Main equipment and compliment of Gas Control Unit:

  • Gas pressure regulator with built-in slam shut off valve (SSV);
  • Gas filter;
  • Pressure Relief Valve.

Optionally the system can be supplied with:

  • Heat insulation and heating;
  • Telemetering complex ;
  • Gas flow metering unit.

Advantages of underground modules of gas control units:

  • Allows to exclude costs for erection and heating of the GCS building;
  • To shorten pipeline protected zone (inclusive of real burden for a smaller area) and also to reduce expenses for pipework by means of modular building;
  • To provide minimal, below allowable (80Db) noise level, produced by operating reduction lines;
  • To minimize probability and avoid failures in performance because of abrupt temperature drops during the winter season;
  • To improve landscape design of the real estate development;
  • To increase the level of site protection from natural and man-caused accidents.

Variants of implementation:


Cabinet type




Underground modules

Nowadays underground allocation of gas reduction units is widely used in Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, etc.