Gas Conditioning Systems

There is an increasing demand in energy technologies for gas with removed solids and fine entrained liquids, as well as heated to a certain temperature. Such product is widely used in gas turbine systems, where insufficient purification and/or excessive gas humidity and gas quantitative characteristics measurement providing stable constant pressure operation may seriously damage the system.

Gas conditioning systems employ the following elements:

  • . emergency shutdown and valve systems;
  • . separators, separating gas from the other fluids;
  • . filters, providing stage filtration of gas;
  • . flowmeters, measuring the qualitative characteristics of gas;
  • . heaters, providing gas of required temperature.

OGSB supplies gas conditioning systems mounted on skids or fitted in the heated block modular buildings with ventilation, illumination, gas and fire alarm systems.


The system is designed for mixing of two chemical non-corrosive gas flows to obtain uniform concentration mixture of required level on the outlet. The system is employed in oil and gas production and processing industries. It provides the feed of two initial gases, feed regulation, mixing and withdrawal of resulting gas mixture.

The system is designed for gas heating and supply to the system.

Both preheater and performance heater employ electrically heating stainless steel plates. Heating elements are installed on the tube plate, placed in the carbon steel chamber. Temperature control is maintained via temperature meter on the outlet of pre heater and performance heater that is connected to the control device.

Skids are designed to remove both solids and fine entrained liquids from the gas stream. The filter separators will remove 99% of all solid particles. The first section of the filter/separator unit contains removable filter elements to remove entrain solids. The second section contains Mist Extractor. Filter elements are designed for a differential pres-sure of less than 0.1 bar when clean. Elements should be replaced when solids loading causes the differential pressure across the elements to reach approximately 0.5 bar. Each Filter Separator is equipped with vent valves and nitrogen purge. Each Filter Separator Skid is supplied with all the required instrumentation.