Mechanical displacement meter provers


3D model of Meter Prover with the main elements description


One of the main production lines of OGSB is Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover with capacity from 100 to 4000 m3/hour (ANSI 150 – ANSI 900).

Mechanical Displacent MeterProver is designed for calibration of different type flow transducers by multiple transferring of definite fluid volume. Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover is a complete technological unit that consists of a calibrated section, loading and receiving chambers, oil flow direction switching unit, piston detector switches, draining pipeline, washing and air removal systems connection devices, pressure and temperature measuring gauges.

The process unit is mounted on the metal base. The Company can provide heat insulation with stainless steel housing optionally.

The Company can also manufacture mobile type Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover mounted on special tilt-covered trailer. Manufactured according to Technical Specifications 26.51.52-002-95715144-2019. Pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology) № 60439/1.

Types of Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover implementation

конфигурация ТПУ.jpg 

Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover with Straight Calibrated Section

Measurement is performed with the passing of the sphere through the straight section of the Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover, as a result no additional resistance occurs that happens while the sphere passes through the curved section in common configurations of Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover.


  • Decrease of pressure drop at the Meter Prover;
  • Increase of stability of the flow rate;
  • Provision of higher characteristics of repeatability and total accuracy of the measurements;
  • Increase of service life of epoxy coating of the pipes;
  • Reduction of piston amortization;
  • Less complexity of the Meter Prover construction;
  • No need for re-calibration of the Meter Prover after delivery to site due to undismountable construction of the calibrated section.

Technical specifications

               Item description 
                  Maximum working medium flowrate,  m3/h           
  100    180   400   600  1 100  2 000  3 000   4 000
Length, mm  8000  10000 14000 16000  22000 24000 26000  28000 
Width, mm  1800   2000  3000  3600    4500   5000   5500   5800 
Height, mm  1800  2000   3000   3600    3800   4500   4800   5200 
Nominal diameter of outside measuring section, mm    220   273    324    407    508    610    762    914 
Weight, кg  6000 8 000 9 000  10000  15000 22000 26000 30 000
Nominal value of the capasity of the measuring section, m3                                               from 1 tо 40      
                      Limits of relative error of the capasity of the measuring section,%
Meter prover 1 grade                                      0,05
Meter prover 1 grade
                                       Parameters of electric power
Current                    AC, one- or three-phase current
Voltage, V                           220+10%; 380+10%
Frequency, Hz                                       50+0,4
                                              Operating conditions
Working medium Oil, water, oil products, chemicals, industrial fliuds, liquid gas, gas condensate
Working medium pressure, ANSI                                           150;300;600;900
Working medium temperature range,°С
                                                 from -10 tо +70
Workinf medium kinematical viscosity range, cSt                                                  from 0,4 tо 1000
Average service life                                                     25