Technological Unit

Technological Unit functionally unites Meter Run Unit and Oil Quality Measuring Unit. Structurally, it is a combination of instruments and equipment, process and drainage piping, valves mounted on skid for flow rate, oil products technological and quality parameters metering.

Technological Unit could be mounted on the open platform and in the block modular building provided with utilities.

Technological Unit consists of the following components:

  • Inlet header;
  • Outlet header;
  • Operating and back up measuring lines;
  • Junction point of Mobile calibration rig;
  • Valves;
  • Drainage system.

Flowmeters employed in Technological Units:

  • Turbine;
  • Helicoid;
  • Ultrasonic;
  • Mass.

Technological Unit measuring lines are equipped with flowmeters, temperature and pressure transmitters, temperature and pressure gages.

Outlet headers are equipped with flow quality meters (density meters, watercut meters, automatic/manual sampling device).

Valves are equipped with visual control devices where leaks in valves are unacceptable according to the measuring, calibration and metrological performance control requirements.


Technological Unit equipment arrengement and piping layout provide access to the instruments and valves that require in-service maintenance.

Technological Unit overall dimensions and weight allow to perform railway, sea or highway transportation in compliance with the shipping rules.

All electrical equipment is connected via junction boxes. Junction boxes layout is based on the maximum convenience regarding the maintenance.

Optionally the company can provide heat insulation with stainless steel casing.